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100th Owatonna/Ropioa Reunion | September 3-6, 2021

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Share your Owatonna/Ropioa stories – to celebrate the upcoming centennial of the founding of Camp Owatonna/Ropioa, we are compiling an official written history. We need your help! Click the link above to read more. 

What our Founders Established by Seth "Chic" Johnson

Reunion Schedule

Owatonna/ROPIOA history written by the Harrison Historical Society.

For more Owatonna History, check out the website below maintained by alum Scott Coolidge


From the periodicals

Here are links to articles that have been published in the periodicals by Newfound and Owatonna campers and alumni.

My Thumb Was Perfect – By Luna

The Power of One Spiritual Idea – By Lily Maggio

Child's Fever Gone – By Jessica Charlston

Lost Something Don't Look. Listen – By Rick Lipsey

Back in the game after ankle injury – By Daniel Abadie

Immediate healing? It's possible! – By Zahra Baldauf

A healing of celiac disease – By Kaya Equevilley

Alumni in the News

A great article in Gripped Magazine about Owatonna alum and 2018 tripper, Ryan Richardson, and his experience climbing Emperor Face. Use the link below to read it.




Check out these fun memories from days past on the shores of Long Lake. Thanks to Scott Coolidge for converting these slideshows into a digital format. Enjoy!

100 YEARS AT CAMP NEWFOUND – 1914-2013 by Tessa Bollinger

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of 100 Years at Camp Newfound book, a Centennial celebration of cabins, cubies, & campfires, swim caps, songs, & s’mores, please email info@newfound-owatonna.com and let us know if you'd like the soft cover for $50, or the hard cover for $100.

Centennial Camp Reunion

The Centennial Camp Reunion was a huge success! Alumni traveled from all over the country to reconnect with camp friends and cabin mates... they swam in Long Lake, found their names in their old cabins and cubies, and enjoyed the reunion festivities together. There were a lot of laughs, many old memories shared, and everyone enjoyed a little taste of Camp. Look who Came Home to Camp!

Centennial Reunion Photos

If you'd like to visit the reunion photo gallery please CLICK HERE. If you'd like to share any photos with us for others to see please email them to jenny@newfound-owatonna.com and they can be added to the gallery.

Reunion Coordinator

We want to send a big shout-out to Meg Reehl, the Reunion Coordinator, for planning, organizing, and executing a successful and FUN, four day celebration!

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