A Day at Owatonna

A Day at Owatonna

Cell phones and social media are replaced by laughing and throwing a football with cabin mates. Homework is replaced by card games and ultimate Frisbee under a full moon. Traffic noise is replaced by the sound of the splash after swinging off the rope swing and the click-clack of a ping pong match. School is replaced by cutting through the lake on a waterski, getting a bullseye on the archery range, scoring a goal in an inter-camp game, and building a popsicle stick castle in arts and crafts. Friendships are made and deepened. Daily use of Christian Science is practiced. Nothing beats a day in the life at Camp Owatonna!

In addition to regular activities, throughout each camp session there are special events like games against other camps, sports clinics, sailing regattas, long-distance swims, bouldering day trips, and rock climbing competitions.

And every evening after dinner, the camp comes together for activities including club night, council fire, cabin nights, or an all-camp game of capture the flag.

A typical daily schedule at Owatonna looks like:

  • 7:30 am wake up and clean up
  • 8 am breakfast
  • 8:30 Quiet Hour for Lesson study
  • 9 am Morning Meeting
  • 10 am Activity Period 1
  • 11 am Activity Period 2
  • 12:20 Lunch
  • 1 pm Rest Hour
  • 2 pm Activity Period 3
  • 3 pm Fruit Bell
  • 3:15 Activity Period 4
  • 4:15 Free Period
  • 5:45 Dinner
  • 7 pm Evening Activity
  • 8:30 Lights Out for Junior Division
  • 9 pm Lights Out for Senior Division

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