Owatonna CIT

Owatonna CIT

Being a Counselor in Training at Owatonna is a transforming experience filled with spiritual growth, new challenges, deepened friendships, and leadership experiences.

Highlights of the CIT program include a five-day wilderness experience, an accredited lifeguarding course, a team-building service project, Flag Trip, leadership opportunities with a camp team, and forming a deep connection with a group of leaders who will be your lifelong friends.

The CIT summer is our signature program, and it supports the transition from camper to counselor by offering new responsibilities, challenges, and adventures. If you are completing your sophomore year in high school, join us as a CIT at Camp Owatonna this summer!

CIT Program Overview

Our Counselor in Training program focuses on developing strong leaders through training, discussion, observation, and practice. During the summer, CITs work in a cabin with campers and assist counselors with both cabin life and activity teaching. The most important part of this training program is the hands-on experience CITs receive serving and learning to lead others. The program helps the participants to explore the many different facets of leadership with daily opportunities to put what they are learning into practice. Upon completion of the CIT program, participants are better prepared to work with their peers and children of all ages, interests, and abilities. Owatonna CITs develop life skills, strength of character, and a strong work ethic that they will take with them back to their families, schools, teams, and communities.

For whom?

This program is designed for individuals who are:

  • Committed to becoming stronger leaders
  • Interested in developing teaching and communication skills
  • Entering junior year in high school

Even if it would be your first time at Owatonna, we strongly encourage you to join the CIT program.

Intended outcomes:

  • Spiritual growth
  • Enhanced leadership skills
  • Improved counseling skills
  • Improved teaching methods
  • Developed trip planning and execution skills
  • Understanding of the value of service
  • Completed Lifeguard Training Course

If you have further questions about becoming an Owatonna CIT, please contact Reid Charlston at reid@newfound-owatonna.com.

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