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Owatonna Jobs

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We are always looking for enthusiastic and dedicated counselors and staff!
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Feel free to reach out to Reid Charlston reid@newfound-owatonna.com with any questions or inquiries.

Cabin/Activity Counselors

Caring for the well being of campers is a counselor's main job. In the cabin, counselors work together to create an environment that supports spiritual discovery, friendship, and fun. Counselors are responsible for the health, hygiene, and discipline of all campers in the cabin. Counselors oversee specific activities related to cabin life such as clean up, home letters, and cabin nights. Cabin counselors are models to campers: devotion to spiritual progress, cleanliness, punctuality, alertness to duties, understanding, and firmness are prerequisite to having a successful cabin.

In activities, counselors are assigned to instruct campers for 5 teaching periods per day and in some cases may teach in more than one activity area. Counselors are assigned to activities daily based on days off and program needs. Counselors should come prepared for each class period with a new lesson plan that focuses on skill progression. Lessons should be implemented in a fun and creative way. A counselor is responsible for safety issues at their program site during each period and maintenance of the equipment. Counselors are supported and trained by the Director, Assistant Director, Head Counselor, and Program Director.

Kitchen Staff

The kitchen staff assist in the kitchen 3 meals a day. Helping with food preparation and cooking, serving meals, washing dishes, and cleaning the kitchen are the kitchen staff's primary roles. A Head Cook will provide training, supervision, and guidance.


A tripper at Camps Newfound and Owatonna is responsible for leading wilderness day and overnight trips for all campers. Under the supervision of a Head Tripper, trippers will plan, organize, and implement trips. The tripper also maintains all inventory and is responsible for the care of trips gear. Training is provided by Camps Newfound and Owatonna; however, prior wilderness experience is valuable.

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