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Creative Arts Artist in Residence Program

Are you trying to finish writing that book, play, or composition? Are you wishing to explore a new approach in your art or music? Do you need a new vista? If you are a professional working in the arts — even as a secondary pursuit — we encourage you to apply for this opportunity. It offers you a precious space for progress, and it offers everyone else the enrichment of seeing professional creatives at work.

Think of it! A week just to explore, to ponder, away from the cares of everyday life. A whole week just for you — working undistracted, uninterrupted. Get invigorated by productivity, and enjoy fellowship with like-minded creative people in the idyllic and inspiring setting of Camp.

As an Artist-in-Residence (AIR), you will have 5 full days to work on your own project. You will also have the opportunity to share some aspect of your work with the whole group, perhaps in an evening presentation or discussion. And if you wish, you can offer a mini-workshop to interested students during a free period in the day’s schedule. There is an additional day off for everyone in the middle of the week to use as you choose — working, sightseeing, or enjoying Camp.

The AIR fee, given in the Application link below, includes cabin and meals, a designated workspace, freedom to roam and work anywhere else that suits you, and use of the camp amenities such as kayaks, swimming beach, etc. For an additional fee, you may enroll in a half-day course for 5 days.

Starting in 2023, The Creative Arts Program will be accepting two Full-Day Artist in Residences (AIRs) as follows:

  • One Full-Day AIR from a pool of new applicants
  • One Full-Day AIR from a pool of prior AIRs
  • Anyone interested in applying to be a full-day AIR must complete the AIR application. All applicants are reviewed by a small AIR acceptance committee. Applications are due June 1st and folks are notified of their status by June 15.

If you’d like to be considered, please complete the AIR application and send to Deb Hensley, Creative Arts Director at

What a difference a week can make!

AIR Application

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