100th Owatonna/Ropioa Reunion

100th Owatonna/Ropioa Reunion

Welcome Home to Camp 
The Owatonna/Ropioa
100th Anniversary Celebration


  • Eli Abbott
  • Abby Jealous Abouchar
  • Andrew Abouchar
  • Sally Abouchar
  • Palmer Aguirre
  • Robert Barnacle
  • Lily Bermel
  • Jamie Bollinger
  • Bonnie Bower
  • Buz Brewster
  • Rob Brierley
  • Cedar Brumm
  • Bumatay Family
  • Dana Byquist
  • Kelly Byquist
  • Marina Byquist Bonsi
  • John Caldwell
  • Bruce Cameron
  • Ian Carlson
  • Dan Carter
  • Dave Casanave
  • Glenn Case
  • Nancy Humphrey Case
  • Reid Charlston
  • Bryan Clark
  • Jeff Collins
  • Ross Collins
  • Amy Connor
  • Keith Connor
  • Scott Coolidge
  • Terry Coolidge
  • Richard Coomber
  • Eliz Crowley
  • Connor D'Amico
  • Audrey Snyder Davis
  • Kristiana Helmick Ebert
  • Libbie Edwards
  • Bob Feldmann
  • Brandon Frank
  • Nate Frederick 
  • Tom & Adria Fuller
  • Susie Edwards Getzschman
  • Field Glover
  • Julia Golder
  • Peter Golder
  • Margi Neale Griffith
  • Kim Grunden
  • Andy Hatch
  • Chris Hatch
  • Doug Hatch
  • Gary Heard
  • Chuck “Hink” Herrick
  • Gabe Hoffman-Johnson
  • Doug Hoeschle
  • Abby Fuller Innes
  • Glenn Johnson
  • Seth Johnson
  • Elizabeth Jones
  • Jay Jostyn
  • Lisa Wormwood Joy
  • Levi Kline
  • Kline Family
  • Keith Lane
  • Nate Lane
  • Darren LePage
  • Lizzie Loomis
  • Evan MacDonald
  • Colby Mager
  • Elizabeth Smedley Massey
  • Jen Barth McPhee
  • Susan McPherraan
  • Hunter Mehring
  • Dave Meyer
  • Burke Miller
  • Scott Miller
  • Scott Moeller
  • Tom Neale
  • Tucker Newberry
  • Brianna Olsen
  • Erik Olsen
  • Karina Olsen
  • Meridee Olsen
  • Linda Kreutzer Paardecamp
  • Andy Parker
  • Andrew Parsons
  • Michele T. Parsons
  • Niklas Peschke
  • Chris Read
  • Nate Richards
  • Jeff Robertson
  • Andrew Rodgers
  • Lou Sampson
  • Wells Sampson
  • Leah Schaefer
  • Skip Schneider
  • Don Seymour
  • Fletcher C. Smith
  • Will Smith
  • Susan Booth Mack Snipes
  • Amy Dunbar Sparkman
  • Barrett Sparkman
  • Noah Sparkman
  • Truett Sparkman
  • Evan Sperr
  • Tim Steckler
  • Boone Steele
  • Jeff Steele
  • Olivia Steele
  • Mitchell Stock
  • Kenny Sydness
  • Annie Thayer
  • Christian Thomas
  • Hannah McCauley Thomas
  • Al Tibbetts
  • John Tibbetts
  • Parker Tibbetts
  • James Vance
  • Weezie Vance
  • Cody Veidelis
  • Michael Vernon 
  • Carrie Waggoner 
  • Hale Walcoff
  • Nate Waters
  • Jennie Webster
  • Duncan Wilder
  • Brooks Williams
  • Anne Heinrich Wold
  • Heather Worley
  • Liz Fuller-Wright
  • Charlie Youngblood
  • Luke Youngblood
  • Mark Youngblood
  • Susan Youngblood
  • Ty Youngblood 


Register Now!

Camp housing is currently very limited. Please contact info@newfound-owatonna.com about housing options.


Friday, September 3 - Monday, September 6, 2021

  • Camp will be open on Friday, September 3 at 3 p.m. - move into cabins, enjoy activities, and reacquaint yourself with Camp.
  • Official reunion activities will begin with a 6 p.m. dinner.
  • The final reunion meal will be lunch Monday, September 6. 
  • Come for 1, 2, or all 3 nights.


At Camp Owatonna (and Camp Newfound)


Owatonna/Ropioa alumni and families, trustees past and present. Newfound, Family Camp, and Creative Arts alumni, and all friends of Camp are also welcome to join.


Connect with camp friends and participate in all the activities you loved when you were a camper: team sports, waterskiing, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, swimming, ropes course, climbing wall, zip line, arts & crafts, nature walks, tennis, archery, competition between the teams, Cherry Island swim, running to the Flag Pole, diving off the Big Float, crossing the sandbar to Hairbrush, day hikes, singing, making s’ mores ... and more!


Since this is Owatonna/Ropioa’s 100th Anniversary Reunion, the rate is $100 per person for the weekend. Financial assistance is available through the Campership Fund. Click here to go to their website. If you need additional financial support for transportation, contact seth@newfound-owatonna.com.


Camp housing is currently very limited. Please contact info@newfound-owatonna.com about housing options.

At Owatonna

  • Group living in cabins – single beds
  • We will do our best to accommodate cabin requests
  • Bring your own bedding, pillow, towels, sleeping bag, etc.
  • Bathrooms and showers available within a short walk

Or, at local bed and breakfast establishments or nearby hotels

If you need additional assistance, email info@newfound-owatonna.com.


Served at Owatonna’s newly renovated lodge and kitchen


Please make your own transportation arrangements to and from Camp. If you need additional assistance, email info@newfound-owatonna.com.


Childcare will be provided. If needed, contact info@newfound-owatonna.com by July 1, 2021.


  • There will be camp activities from the early morning hours through special evening activities. The daily schedule will be posted on the reunion section of the website and around camp.
  • Competition between the Blues, Golds, Greens, and Reds
  • Off-camp day hikes 
  • Quiet Hour, Morning Meeting, Rest Hour, and other special activities will also be held each day.

Questions about registration send them to info@newfound-owatonna.com.

If you are interested in working at the Reunion, have a suggestion for an activity, or are interested in organizing an activity for the reunion, contact Terry Coolidge, Reunion Coordinator at terry@newfound-owatonna.com.

We are planning on honoring our military members, if you have served or are currently serving in the military, send an email to seth@newfound-owatonna.com

Register Now!

Status as of 07/19/21 – As a way to once again have the Owatonna teams engage in healthy competition, we are having a fundraising competition between the Blues, Golds, Greens and Reds. There will be awards for both most money raised and the highest level of participation. Your gift can be applied to the fund of your choice – Campership, Capital, Endowment or Unrestricted and you can designate your gift to one of the teams. We are excited to see the same brotherhood and fun competition in this fundraising competition that we experienced when we were at Camp! Use this link to donate.

Share your Owatonna/Ropioa stories – to celebrate the upcoming centennial of the founding of Camp Owatonna/Ropioa, we are compiling an official written history. We need your help! Click the link above to read more.  

Read reunion coordinator Terry Coolidge's article, Come Home to Camp

Read the article What our Founders Established by Seth "Chic" Johnson

Reunion Schedule

Check out the Owatonna/ROPIOA history written by the Harrison Historical Society.

For more Owatonna History, check out the website below maintained by alum Scott Coolidge



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