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The Sounds of Summer

The Sounds of Summer

The sounds of summer echo throughout Newfound and Owatonna when Camp is in session: the slapping of flip flops as campers walk down the Newfound hill, the cry of the loon wafting over the water, the thump thump thump of the basketball bouncing off the court during a game, the waves lapping the Newfound shore, the ringing of the Newfound and Owatonna bells calling campers to the flagpole, the splash as campers jump off the big float into the water, and the snapping of the sails as the sailboats tack across Long Lake. But of all these sounds, my favorite is the sound of laughter that is always present.

As the communications director, one of my job highlights is the opportunity to photograph the campers over the summer. A few days into each session, the campers become used to my camera, and I can shoot without interrupting their activities. Often, it is the laughter that draws me to a spot. If the timing is right, the shutter opens, and the camera captures a moment of spontaneous joy. These are some of my favorite photos of the summer. And these moments are everywhere at Camp!

Camp allows campers to be kids without all the distractions of modern life. And the laughter that often bubbles to the surface is simply an audible expression of their inherent joy. Shot during a cabin night challenge, the photos below centered around catching a marshmallow in your mouth after tossing it in the air. A reasonably simple activity, but as you can see in the succession of the photos, hilarity and lots of laughter ensued! These small moments make up the days at Camp, which make up the weeks and collectively the summer and summers. In my mind, it is one of the greatest gifts of Camp!

– Jenny Green, Communications Director


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