Newfound Soccer Clinic

Newfound Soccer Clinic

Camp Newfound Soccer Clinic – Week 4

Last week, lots of laughter and cheers were heard from the Newfound soccer field as all girls participated in a soccer clinic run by visiting Principia College soccer coach, Meagan Fleming, during their team sports time. The younger girls worked on passing and dribbling skills and then had fun playing “sharks and minnows” and dribbling relay races. The older girls also reviewed their basic skills, played some favorite soccer games: “World Cup” and “Knock-out”, and then scrimmaged each other. The girls were so excited to have expert coaching and enough girls to field two teams for games.

On Thursday morning, some of the older girls woke up at 5:30am to play a game with the counselors and that afternoon during free period, they joined some of the older Owatonna boys for a co-ed game under Meagan’s direction.

Meagan enjoyed being at Newfound for the week (we had perfect weather) and she was especially touched by the sisterhood reflected by the Newfound girls as they supported and encouraged each other; the more experienced girls encouraging the newer players, so that all improved their soccer skills and gained a greater love for the game!


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