Creative Arts mural in Harrison

Creative Arts mural in Harrison

What would offer artists coming to Creative Arts Week an outside-the-box opportunity? A mural painting project! Working large scale, in a public space, and giving something cool to the Camp's town, Harrison. Alex Cook, who's painted over 150 murals across the country and overseas, came to lead the group of six brave would-be muralists in designing and painting two walls in the Harrison Village Library. The class interviewed the librarian, proposed sketches and painted the walls with whimsical, colorful, loosely-local scenes of farms, children, nature, and the Long Lake-side village. Atop one door is Bear, the Newfoundland dog who visits the library for children to read aloud to him. When I arrived to see the nearly finished mural (enchanting and delightful!), the librarian was there being thrilled about her beautiful new walls, Bear was there listening to a story about pirates, and a reporter from The Bridgton News was there taking notes and photos of the artwork and its artists. And, a picture is worth a thousand words—even in a library!

- Danis Collett

Photo by Alex Cook








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