Camp Every Day in Every Way

Camp Every Day in Every Way

It can be easy to get distracted by what feels like a disappointment and to let ourselves feel defeated when something doesn’t turn out the way we hoped it would. But, you know what… those moments are actually opportunities to grow in new ways, and isn’t growth what Camp is all about?!

Camp is never far away because Camp is in our hearts…every day in every way we can see and feel Camp all around us. This summer, let’s all make a pledge to not let ourselves feel sad but instead to celebrate Camp and all the good that it brings into our lives. Let’s be in this together! Let’s stand together and commit to loving and appreciating Camp regardless of the fact that we are not in Maine. Camp is bigger than 4 Camp Newfound Road. Camp is a feeling and a bond that we have and nothing can break that!

This is a fun exercise that the Newfound staff did last summer, and I would like to invite you to do it with me now. Join me in this pledge to each other and yourself. Here we go...

I, (insert your name), pledge to soak up this opportunity to cherish and appreciate Camp in new ways. I pledge to smile every day because I feel so grateful to have Camp in my life! I pledge to make a s’ more at least once this summer and to enjoy it even if I burn my marshmallow. I pledge to close my eyes and dream about the sound of the loons and waves on Long Lake. I pledge to sing “Day is Done” as the sun sets. I pledge to rock my camp uniform as much as possible! I pledge to cherish the smell of pine trees and campfires. I pledge to write a letter to a friend this summer. I pledge to look for opportunities to do daily good. I pledge to think of Camp every time I hear a bell ring. I pledge to bake some Monster Cookies and share them with a friend. I pledge to remember that I am spiritual and therefore beautiful, strong, confident, and awesome! I pledge to look for healing this summer. And I pledge to remember each day that I am not alone, but a part of this wonderful camp community that loves me.

Let’s make this summer just as awesome as all the rest! Are you with me? I sure hope so!

Is there anything that you want to add to your Camp pledge? Go for it! Get creative and spend some time loving and celebrating Camp!

By Mary Rankin, Newfound Director



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