2024 Newfound & Owatonna staff

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We are excited to welcome another fantastic staff to the shores of Long Lake for summer 2024!


Senior Staff

Director - Mary Rankin
Assistant Director - Sara Lang
Head Counselor - Brittany Frager
Program Director - LaceyAnne Canto

CIT Heads
Kannon Gill
Gracie Sampson

Counselor Staff
Elsa Bashor
Bretton Brantingham
Lucy Calvillo
Isabel Clark
Anna Donahue
Hadley Faulstich
Honey Fields
Livvy Fletcher
Hanna Freund
Annika Harris
Audrey Howell
Charlotte Jealous
Tally Lake
Gracie Lang
Maegan McNeill
Kaitlin Mersereau
Alma Mitchell
Priya Narula
Kiley Parrish
Cheyla Ramirez Crawford
Amy Rein
Grace Ripley
Kate Scott
Mia Snorek-Yates
Liv Steele
Lauren Stoffel
Emma Swoap
Elena Trevithick
Hannah Wymer

Elle Miller (2nd session)

Additional Staff
Arts & Crafts  - Charlotte London
Camp Mom -  Renee McCardell - Full Summer
Camp Dad - Jonathan McCardell - Full Summer

Kitchen Staff
Head Cook
Debbie Warren Smith - 1st session
Mindy Warren McNeill - 2nd session

Assistant Cook
Ginia Brannan - 1st session
Susanna Hooper - 2nd session

Liam Frager (full summer)
Molly Razzino (full summer)
Jane Hanson (full summer)
Meg Henderson (Pre-Camp)
Nicole Nager (Pre-Camp & 1st session)
Natalie Aponte (1st session)
Eva Brannan (1st session)
Lily Johnson (1st session)
Ovella Ariail (2nd session)
Charlotte Binder (2nd session)
Sherlyn Campos (2nd session)
Leah Freund (2nd session)
Sandrina Kline (2nd session)
Elise Toombs (2nd session)


Senior Staff
Director - Reid Charlston
Assistant Director - Todd Zimmerman 
Program Director - Henry Howell 
Head Counselor - Mitchell Gill, Denny Veidelis 

CIT Heads
Joe Lake
Elias Thomas 

Jennifer Jones - Trips Coordinator
Cameron Martindell
Nate Richards

Cabin Counselors
Justin Ball
Elias Bashor
Cam Coolidge
Jacob Ellis
Pierson Gill
Josh Gough
William Hagenlocher
Julian Hawke
Heath Hoffman
Eli Holmberg
Jake Hooper
Wyatt Lake
Bennett Lewis
Arthur Miller
Carson Miller
Carson Oleksy
Rhys Rainwater
Bo Schneider
Charlie Siems
Samuel Staley
Nick Wright
Noah Young

Kitchen Staff

Head Cook
Andrew Parsons

Assistant Cook
Maddie Wann (1st)
Jennifer Kupinse (2nd)

Paul Carlson (1st session)
Turner Crockett (1st session)
Carter Dannull (1st session)
James Osborn (1st session)
Katja Bode (2nd session)
Clea Macagnan (2nd session)
Willem Miller (2nd session)
Sandy Nager (2nd session)
Nicole Nager (2nd session)
Amy Swazey (2nd session)

Additional Staff

Camp Mom
Rachel Wann (1st session)
Charlotte Booth (2nd session)

Arts & Crafts 
Miranda Albins (1st session)
Lindsay Hess (2nd session)

Jess Fendon (1st session)

Ray Oseroff 

Joint Staff (Newfound & Owatonna)
Waterfront Head & Lifeguard Training - Jennie Webster
Boating Director -  Skip Schneider
Trips Coordinator - Jennifer Jones

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