2019 Creative Arts Workshops

2019 Creative Arts Workshops

Meet your teachers! L–R: Todd Jacobs, Culinary Arts; Deb Hensley, Singing/Songwriting; Sid Bingham, Painting; Diane Allison, Writing/Puppetry; Jerry Tassin (teaching with Kim Tassin), Dance; Bonnie Bower, Woodcarving; Joan Lazarus, Storytelling (with Puppetry)

Dear Creative You!

How would you like to explore and expand your Life/Love/Soul-reflective creativity this year?

Whether you came to Creative Arts recently, eons ago, or just asked to be on our mailing list in anticipating to come someday, the moment has arrived to investigate what’s up this year!

The classes for August 2019 are now online for you to peruse and choose. You enroll in 2 half-day classes that you’ll take for 5 days. Take a look right here, see what appeals to you—and sign up. You will be so glad you did!


The theme this year is from Mrs. Eddy's Message to The Mother Church for 1900, (p.9), "Sincerity is more successful than genius or talent." She was writing about social reformers, but we can certainly apply this to the arts as well! Divine Mind is the infinitely intricate and broad-brush creator, and our most sincere intent to appreciate and be a transparency for the creator will communicate most successfully in whatever our chosen medium — tap shoes to tapas, paints to puppets, singing to sanding. OK, enough of that!

As you may well know, Creative Arts at Camp Newfound-Owatonna is a camp session just for adults (18+) that provides an exceptional opportunity to dip your toe into your creative streak or to dive in and make noticeable progress in some specific direction.

What’s exceptional about it? The exploring, working, stretching, daring (and lots of laughing) are all done within the supportive context of trusting God amongst fellow Christian Scientists—both teachers and students. This program is also exceptional because of the high-quality teachers, all accomplished professionals in their fields, as well as for the deeply beautiful, refreshing, clear lakeside setting of Camp in Maine that you get to enjoy for a full week.

The dates are Tuesday, August 20, 2019, arriving in the afternoon, and departing Tuesday, August 27, right after lunch. In between will be filled with all that Creative Arts has to offer—creatively, spiritually, socially. The program includes five full days of classes; daily meetings with the Bible Lesson and gratitude; free time for swimming, boating, relaxing; evening programs; and a free day in the middle for adventuring, enjoying the lake, or working on your own. The camaraderie and the food are plentiful and delightful. Whether you’ve come before or this will be your first time, you’ll be welcomed with open arms!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I’m here to help you, and can put you in touch with teachers if you need more info to make a choice.

Come have a rich, fun experience at Camp, engaged in sincerity-enhancing, life-brightening creativity!

Let's meet on the shores of Long Lake!


Danis Collett

Director, Creative Arts Week at Newfound-Owatonna
603-231- 8803

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