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These activity choices are offered at Camp. Please let us know which activities you are looking forward to taking this summer.

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Activity Choices


All campers take a swim test during the first few days to help us gauge their comfort and skill level in lake water. Campers will be placed into swimming classes accordingly.


Owatonna & Newfound: Sailing, Paddle boarding, Kayaking, Canoeing, Waterskiing/Wake Boarding, Fishing

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Owatonna: Archery, Tennis, Climbing Wall, Ropes Course, Woodsman, Arts & Crafts, Music
Newfound: Archery, Tennis, Climbing Wall/Ropes Course, Drama, Dance, Arts & Crafts (Jewelry, Woodshop, Pottery), Woodsman

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Owatonna: Soccer, Football, Basketball, Lacrosse, Street Hockey, Baseball, Frisbee
Newfound: Soccer, Basketball, Street Hockey, Lacrosse, Frisbee, Volleyball, Sports Conditioning

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