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Figurative Painting/Sketching

August 20-27

Class Full
Figurative Painting/Sketching

“It’s been said if you can draw the figure you can draw anything.” Well, I still haven’t figured that one out. Milton Glaser, the famous graphic designer has said, “I’m a great believer in drawing as a starting point, because as I’ve often said, drawing is a way of determining what is real. When you draw something, you have to pay attention to it, and that means you have to be attentive. And being attentive is the only way to understand what is real, because most of us, as you know, walk through life asleep. Drawing is an instrument for changing that state of mind.” Put another way it helps us, as in no other way, to see and understand what’s before us. And painting is icing on the cake.

This class is to share in a simplified, stylized form how the human figure can be represented in a dynamic and poetic way. We’ll cover the proportions of the figure and the head with handouts and an ever so brief lecture. Then using light and shadow as a tool, we’ll demonstrate life and vitality in our drawings/paintings. Progressing on to color, we’ll discuss and practice color theory in relation to the figure. All the while having fun exploring the figure together!

Demonstration will be in watercolor, but all mediums are welcome.

Meet your Instructor

Sid Bingham

Sid Bingham

As an art director/illustrator/designer and concept artist, Sid has worked with major companies like Disney, Universal Studios, Discovery Cube (children’s science centers), Toyota, AT&T, the Los Angeles Dodgers, various theme park companies, large financial corporations, and sports organizations. All the while he has maintained his love for watercolor painting, whether with the human figure, in studio, or plein air painting. He’s taught at Art Center College of Design figurative drawing, watercolor, and themed entertainment classes for 20 years. He also continues to teach watercolor in his private classes — figurative and plein air painting. He’s shown in various one man shows as well as group shows. He’s represented by and his website is:



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