2016 Owatonna staff

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Senior Staff

  • REID CHARLSTON  Director

    St. Louis, MO

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  • DUNCAN WILDER  Program Director

    New York, NY

    Hi! My name is Duncan Wilder and I'm beyond excited to be returning to camp for another amazing summer on Long Lake!! This will be my 16th summer at Owatonna and my 3rd summer as Program Director. When I'm not at camp, I work as a freelance videographer and photographer based in New York City. My favorite activities at camp are playing ultimate frisbee, kayaking on the lake or ocean, and watching the incredible dominion expressed by campers running in the Mountain Man Challenge. I love working with kids, and nothing is more rewarding than witnessing the immense spiritual growth of the staff and campers throughout each summer. I can't wait to be a part of the fun in 2016!

  • JORDAN ANDERSON  Head Counselor

    Chicago, IL

    Hi, my name is Jordan Anderson! This is my 11th year at Owatonna and I look forward to spending it as Head Counselor. Originally I am from Dallas, Texas but after graduating last May from Principia College I have been living and working in Chicago. There I have been working for Groupon, playing for the Chicago rugby team, and doing improv at the iO Comedy Theater. My favorite activities at Camp are the Flag Trip, Mountain Man Challenge, and of course anything behind the ski boat which is the activity area I used to teach! I come back to Owatonna each summer because nothing is better than the growth you receive while having the most fun with some of the best people in the world!

Head Staff


    Palos Verdes, CA

    My name is Tony Bumatay, and this is my 11th summer at Camp Owatonna. In the fall I'll be starting my senior year at Washington University in St. Louis where I study computer science and entrepreneurship. This summer I'll be working with Cody to lead the CIT program--a job we've both dreamed of doing together since we were CITs back in 2011. We're incredibly excited to witness the progress and growth that will unfold over the course of the summer and the everlasting memories that will be generated along the way!


    Holliston, MA

    Hi! My name is Cody Veidelis. This is my 10th summer at Owatonna and I'm absolutely ecstatic about being able to return for another summer. I'm a senior at Principia college studying Business Administration. This summer I'll be running the CIT program with my co-counselor Tony Bumatay. I am thrilled to be exploring Christian Science and what it means to be an Owatonna Man with my campers this summer. Camp is the best place on earth! The brotherhood and the nurturing atmosphere are unparalleled.

  • CAMERON MARTINDELL  Trips Director

    Boulder, CO

    Cameron Martindell returns to Camp as the Trips Director overseeing Newfound's and Owatonna's trips programs. Aside from camp he forages his way through life as a freelance adventure photographer and writer based out of Boulder, Colorado. In 2002 he was Owatonna's Waterfront Director as well as a Scouts Counselor (Cabin 11) and in 2003 he served as Owatonna's Head Tripper. For about a decade after that, he returned nearly every year to serve on Family Camp Staff and was most recently at camp for the 2012 Centennial Celebration. From 2006-2010 he worked with DiscoveryBound, a year-round Christian Science youth program. Today, he is still working in the freelance adventure travel world and brought his family to camp. His wife, Jordan (Van Niel), served as Newfound's head counselor in 2009 and their two-year-old daughter Rosie will be causing her own mayhem at camp this summer. For more about Cameron visit his website at offyonder.com.

  • SKIP SCHNEIDER  Boatmaster

    Braintree, MA

  • LISA MARTIN  Camp mom

    Temecula, CA

    Hi, my name is Lisa Martin. I attended Camp Newfound as a C.I.T. many years ago. This is my first summer as Camp Mom at Owatonna. Although I originally am from Massachusetts, I now reside in California. My husband, Pat, and I take turns flying to Vermont to run our family country inn. I have three children - 2 adult sons who attend college in California and a 10 year-old daughter who is attending her 4th summer at Camp Newfound. I am thrilled to be part of the Camp Owatonna team this summer! I am really looking forward to being in such a wonderful, loving setting and being "mom" to the boys at camp!

Cabin Counselors

  • VERNON WEST  Cabin 1

    Peabody, MA

    My name is Vernon West and I'm going to be spending my 12th summer at Camp Owatonna! I graduated from Principia College last year with a BA in English and am working toward becoming a full time musician. I am the Rocks and Ropes head here at camp and I am beyond excited to grow alongside campers as they face and overcome new challenges! My favorite aspect of Owatonna is the unshakable brotherhood that is cultivated between all who are a part of it. It's what makes this place like no other place on Earth!

  • AARON SWITZER  Cabin 1

    Crystal Lake, IL

    Hi, my name is Aaron Switzer. This is my first summer as an Owatonna counselor, but I was a camper once back in 2005. I just graduated from Principia College with a double major in Business and Mass Communications. This summer, I'll be teaching both waterskiing and rocks and ropes! My favorite thing about camp is the culture of strong traditions that bond us closer together as brothers, and I'm excited to see these kids grow as they take on new challenges!

  • CEDAR BRUMM  Cabin 3

    Norman, OK

    Hi, my name is Cedar Brumm! I'll be instructing sailing this summer, and I've worked in rocks and ropes here at Owatonna for the past two summers! I'm really excited to be spending my summer at the best place on earth surrounded by such an amazing group of individuals! I'm so excited to share share my love for camp, as well as sailing and rocks and ropes, with the campers this summer! My favorite part about camp is witnessing firsthand the growth that each camper goes through from the start of camp to the end!

  • NOEL RICHARDS  Cabin 3

    Princeton, MA

    Hello! My name is Noel Richards. I have been coming to camp every year since 2011 when I was a camper, and have loved every second of it! Currently, I am studying at Principia College, with a double major in English and Philosophy. I am originally from the small town of Princeton, Massachusetts. This summer I'll be teaching archery, an art I got into when I crafted my own bow about a year ago. I am so excited for another great summer, filled with laughter, good times, and lots of bulls eyes!!!

  • SAM WEBSTER  Cabin 4

    Winter Park, FL

    Hi, my name is Sam Webster. This is my 4th summer at Owatonna. I spent two years here as a camper and worked in the kitchen last summer. Since then I finished my first year at Georgia Tech studying computer engineering. This summer I am excited to be working as a cabin counselor! I will also be teaching sailing! Sailing is something I'm very passionate about, and I look forward to teaching the campers new skills.

  • IAN CARLSON  Cabin 4

    St. Louis, MO

    Hello! My name is Ian Carlson. This is my 11th summer at Owatonna and I'm excited to see both new and old campers. I am going to be a junior at Principia College this coming fall and I am studying theatre. I will be one of the Rocks and Ropes instructors. I can't wait to have everyone come and try it out. My favorite part of camp is the amount of growth that everyone experiences, both campers and counselors.


    Nashville, TN

    Hi, my name is Todd Zimmerman and this is going to be my first summer on staff at Owatonna. Last year I did a basketball clinic here at Owatonna and just knew that I wanted a full summer on staff for this summer! I am extremely excited to be spending my entire summer with such an outstanding group of men and campers. I work at Principia College as the Head Men's Basketball Coach and Assistant Men's Tennis Coach. For the summer, I will be teaching team sports, and I cannot wait for camp to start and to be on Coomber field with the campers! I look forward to meeting all of you and having a fun filled summer at camp!

  • CONNOR COYNE  Cabin 5

    St. Louis, MO

    Hey everyone! I'm Connor Coyne, and this is my second summer here at Owatonna and I couldn't be more excited to spend it with such a quality group of men! I'll be a senior at Principia College this coming fall, where I play baseball and pursue my degree in Business Administration.This summer at camp I'll be teaching waterskiing, along with helping out at a few other different activity areas. I'm so excited for this summer, and can't wait to spend it at the best place on earth!


    Kirkland, WA

    Hi, my name is Andrew Parsons. I'm excited to be back for my 13th year at Owatonna. I'll be teaching arts and crafts this year and will be focusing on teaching new and fun art projects and skills including drawing, photography, and painting. My favorite part about camp is the selfless/do-good attitude that camp promotes which causes everyone to think of others before themselves. I can't wait for the campers to arrive!

  • CARSON ALFORD  Cabin 6

    Ballwin, MO

    Hi, my name is Carson Alford. This is my first year at Owatonna, and its going to be a great one! I am going to be a senior in the fall at Principia Upper School. I am from Saint Louis, Missouri. I am excited to nurture campers as they perfect their swimming strokes and comfort level in the water. My favorite part of camp is the character growth that happens here.

  • ZEYA KYAW  Cabin 8

    San Diego, CA

    Hi my name is Zeya Kyaw! This is my second summer at Owatonna. I am currently a junior in college studying business and studio art. My hobbies include, but are not limited to rugby, surfing, painting, listening to music, dancing in the shower, and cooking. I am a water ski instructor this year and look forward to having a great time on the ski boats. My favorite part of camp is the amazing food, cabin nights, and getting newcomers to get up on ski's, slaloming, wake boarding, etc.

  • CAM SELLERS  Cabin 8

    Chesterfield, MO

    My name is Cameron Sellers (Cam). This is my 6th summer at camp and my 1st year on staff. I am really looking forward to being a counselor to campers because I remember my counselors and they had a huge impact on me and I want to do the same for my campers. I am going to the University of Missouri (Mizzou) and I am currently Undecided for my major. This summer I will be on Ski Staff and I am really excited because that was my favorite activity growing up and I have skied my whole life with friends and family outside of camp. I can't wait to share what I have learned over the years with the campers. I also can't wait to have a TON of FUN at camp it's going to be a blast.

  • GEORGE AGAI  Cabin 9

    , Nairobi, Kenya

    Hi everyone! My name is George Agai and I just graduated from Principia High School. This is my first summer being a camp counselor. I will be teaching team sports. Sports is a way of bringing people together and I can't wait to share my knowledge with the campers.


    St. Louis, MO

    Hey, my name is Josh Barthelmess, and I'll be in cabin 9 this summer. I go to RPI, majoring in Physics and Computer Science. I'm from St. Louis and I'll be at the beach this summer. This is my 12th summer here at camp and I'm so excited to spend it with such an amazing group of guys.


    Portsmouth, NH

    Hi, I am Jordan Faulstich and this is my 7th summer at camp. I am from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and will be a senior in high school this fall at St. John's Prep. During the summer, I am going to be teaching swimming and love to share all that I know about the sport. What has kept me coming back to Owatonna over the years is the lifelong friendships I have developed through my experiences as a camper. I truly look forward to my first summer as a staff member!

  • MITCHELL GILL  Cabin 10

    Exton, PA

    Hey everyone, I am Mitchell Gill. I am super excited to be spending my 1st summer on staff and my 9th summer at Owatonna will you all. I live in Exton Pennsylvania which is about an hour west of Philadelphia. I am entering my Senior year of high school at Downingtown East High School. You will see me a lot out on Coomber Field and at the courts because I am teaching Team Sports. I can't wait to play and teach all the different sports camp has to offer with everyone. I love camp because everyone is always being the best and encourages you to be your best.

  • PETER GRISWOLD  Cabin 10

    Chicago, IL

    Hi, my name is Peter Griswold. I am from Chicago and I just finished my freshman year at Principia College this spring. This will be my first summer at Owatonna, and I am so glad I decided to come! I will be one of the three team sports counselors and I can't wait to share my love of sports with all the campers this summer!

  • PIERSON GILL  Cabin 11

    Exton, PA

    Hi my name is Pierson and this is my 4th year on staff and my 10th summer at Camp Owatonna. I am from Exton, PA and attend Principia College. I will be a junior this fall. I am on the men's soccer team, tack team and waterskiing team at school. I am teaching waterskiing this summer out on Long Lake and am super excited to experience camp with the kids on the water and in the cabin.


  • DENNY VEIDELIS  Cabin 11

    Holliston, MA

    Hello! My name is Denny Veidelis, and this is my 9th summer at Owatonna as well as my first year on staff. I am super excited to be a counselor! I will be teaching woodsman this year and can't wait to share my love of the outdoors with the campers. My favorite part of camp is the standard of excellence and the great example of manhood that is expressed.


    St. Louis, MO

    Hey there! My name is Gavin Mackenzie. This is my 7th Summer at Owatonna and it is my first summer as a counselor. I have recently graduated from The Principia Upper School and I will be continuing my studies at Furman University taking on their Pre-Engineering Program. I am super excited to teach kayaking! Back when I was a camper, I have had my fair share of wonderful kayaking teachers and I feel now that it is my responsibility to pay it forward to the 2016 campers. I can't wait to share and help campers experience the many wonderful lessons that I have learned at Owatonna. My favorite part about camp is experiencing the freedom to be who you are. You make many friends here that you will remember and stay in touch with for the rest of your life. I urge campers to cherish these bonds and develop them by taking on the many wonderful challenges that will occur this summer.

  • ANDREW KRATZ  Cabin 12

    Cincinnati, OH

    Hi, my name is Andrew Kratz. This is my first year at Owatonna and I am really happy to be in a place where everybody is growing spiritually. I am a senior at Principia College. I love being able to be with such a loving, supporting, and quality group of men. This summer I will be teaching tennis!! I am eager to share my love for the game and teach campers about the game. I love the Owatonna's culture of brotherhood and having the chance to make a difference in campers' lives.

  • MATT HERMAN  Cabin 13

    Walnut Creek, CA

    Hi my name is Matt Herman. I am from Walnut Creek, California. This is my second time at Owatonna. I am very excited to be with everyone here for the summer. I recently graduated from Principia College with a degree in Physics. I will be instructing canoeing this summer! I look forward to meeting each camper and teaching them all about it. My favorite part about Owatonna is the immediate acceptance everyone has for each other whether they've been coming here all their life or they decided to come just last week.

  • CONNOR D'AMICO  Cabin 13

    Norwalk, CT

    Hi! I'm Connor D'Amico and this will be my 2nd year on staff at Camp Owatonna. I am from Norwalk, Connecticut and this will be my 9th year at Owatonna. I recently graduated from Norwalk High School and will be attending Principia College in the fall! I will be running Cross Country at Prin and I am an avid car lover! I'll be teaching sailing at camp this summer and I'm so excited to share my love of camp and sailing with all my campers! I cannot wait to see the amount of growth everyone will experience this summer, both as men of integrity and as Christian Scientists. My favorite part of camp is the amount of genuine love and brotherhood that is expressed each summer. I can't wait to see you all on Long Lake soon!

Kitchen Staff