Artist-in-Residence Program at Creative Arts Week

Are you trying to finish writing that book, play, or composition? Are you wishing to explore a new approach in your art or music? Do you need a new vista? If you are a professional working in the arts — even as a secondary pursuit — we encourage you to apply for this opportunity. It offers you a precious space for progress, and it offers everyone else the enrichment of seeing professional creatives at work.


Think of it! A week just to explore, to ponder, away from the cares of everyday life. A whole week just for you — working undistracted, uninterrupted. Get invigorated by productivity, and enjoy fellowship with like-minded creative people in the idyllic and inspiring setting of camp.


As an artist-in-residence (AIR), you will have 5 days to work on your own project. There is an additional full day off to use as you choose, working or playing. You will also have the opportunity to share some aspect of your work in a 20-minute evening presentation to the whole group. And if you wish, you can offer a mini-workshop during a free period in the day’s schedule.


The AIR fee of $500 includes cabin and meals, a designated work space and freedom to roam and work anywhere else at camp that suits you, as well as all the camp amenities such as boats, tennis courts…. What a difference a week can make!


There are typically two AIRs accepted into the program. If you’d like to be considered, please apply using the following link.


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