100 Years at Camp Newfound
A centennial celebration of cabins, cubies, & campfires, 
swim caps, songs, & s’mores!

Our camp experience is not one of a short two months, but…one which will multiply blessings through all the years to come.” ~ Aunt Elizabeth

In 100 Years at Camp Newfound, written and compiled by Tessa Anable Bollinger, we find the words and wisdom of ten decades of Newfound campers and staff. This beautiful centennial book, available in either soft or hard cover, contains the detailed history of Camp Newfound from 1914 to 2013, and conveys the true spirit of Camp. More than 300 pages of historical sketches, photographs by camp photographers (including Kat Andrews, Betsy Blake, and Karen Schneider), stories, songs, poems, and recollections by camp alumni remind us why simple camp living is so rich. Summers on Long Lake come alive through the words of those who were there, including campers’ newsletter articles, letters, stories of spiritual growth, and personal reminiscences dating back to the earliest decades of Newfound.

In 1914, Mrs. Mariah Elizabeth Finley Horton, known at Camp simply as “Aunt Elizabeth,” founded her summer camp for Christian Science girls on Newfound Lake, in Bristol, New Hampshire. In 1917, she moved Camp Newfound to its current location on Long Lake, in Harrison, Maine. Check out the earliest uniforms! Find out which traditions from 1914 still remain at Newfound today… and what has changed. Experience all year the joy of being at Camp! 100 Years at Camp Newfound captures the true spirit of summer camp, and celebrates everything that makes Newfound uniquely Newfound.

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Introduction  One Hundred Years, by Tessa Anable Bollinger
Chapter 1  A TIMELINE of Newfound History
Chapter 2  NEWFOUND DIRECTORS Living on the Point
Chapter 3  THE EARLY YEARS With Aunt Elizabeth
Chapter 4  HARRISON At the Head of Long Lake
Chapter 5  TRAVEL TO CAMP Swinging Along… the Open Road
Chapter 6  CABIN LIFE Cabins, Cubies, and Counselors
Chapter 7  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE The Heart of Newfound
Chapter 8  THE DINING HALL Cooks, Congo Bars & the Cow
Chapter 9  ON LONG LAKE Shling-a-the Water…
Chapter 10  ON SHORE Beneath the Birches and the Pines…
Chapter 11  EVENING ACTIVITIES ‘Til the Moon Grew Dim…
Chapter 12  TRIPS I Love to Go A’Wandering…
Chapter 13  TRADITIONS Some Things Never Change
Chapter 14  R.O.P.I.O.A. and Owatonna
Chapter 15  FRIENDS, FRIENDS, FRIENDS… We Will Always Be
Chapter 16  GOOD BYE… For Now